These Split-Depth GIFs Featuring Nicki Minaj, One Direction and More Will Blow You Away

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Because we could all use another reason to tool around on the Internet, we give you the split-depth GIF.

This is not your typical GIF. As the name suggests, the variation involves using white lines to cut an animated loop into panels and allowing some visual elements to burst through for a cool 3D effect.

Before the Reddit community bites our head off, split-depth GIFs aren't exactly new (satisfied, Redditors?). BUT we - along with a heck of a lot of other people - became aware of the Internet trend just recently after one featuring a scene from 1995's Bad Boys starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence went viral.

It's definitely well-executed. In fact, we almost wanted to freeze and put our hands up except the urge to want to touch our computer screens was too overwhelming. Best part? You don't need special glasses.

Not surprisingly, the process to create the perfect split-depth GIF is pretty time-consuming so there aren't a lot of great ones out there. But we rounded up our favorites for you to marvel at in the slideshow above.

(h/t IGN)


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