So Awkward, It's Funny! Jordin Sparks Accidentally Ruins a Fan's Homemade Gift

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Jordin, Jordin, Jordin...We love you, girl, but to borrow the title of your new mixtape: #ByeFelicia.

During an intimate sit-down interview with radio personality Angela Yee for, Jordin Sparks ruined a special moment for one of her biggest admirers. It was an accident, but still, it was pretty bad.

The adoring fan brought her favorite singer vegan red velvet cupcakes that she baked herself. She positioned them in such a way that they formed one big heart and it had her idol's name written across it with pink icing. It was a sweet and thoughtful pre-Valentine's Day gesture for the newly single star.

"I just want to say thank you for being such an inspiration to my personal fitness journey," the fan told the sixth season American Idol winner. "You inspire me to eat healthier." (Hence, the treats were vegan.)

Before she even got out everything she had to say, Jordin insisted that the girl come on stage so that she could meet with her and take a picture with her AND the desserts. And that's where things went left.

As Jordin held up the cupcakes for a cutesy pose, they slid from the container and went splat on the floor.


After a lot of uncomfortable laughter, Jordin apologizes and gives the poor thing a big hug. But even then, things were still so awkward. Being that she's the girl's inspiration and all, Jordin tries to save face and tells her, "We didn't need to eat them anyway." The fan follows that up with, "It's the thought that counts."

Are we horrible people for finding all of this funny? Don't answer that.

What also kills us is that the audience coordinator lady kept swooping back in to take the fan's mic away - as if she just wanted the facepalm moment to pass quickly...but of course, that didn't happen. LOL!

The icing on the cake (sorry, we had to!) is what Jordin says as the fan walks away. Press play on the clip above, which features a hilarious instant replay and slo-mo action, to get your life see what we mean.
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