12-Year-Old Skylar Stecker is a 'Firecracker' with a Seriously Big Voice

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Skylar Stecker is 12-year-old girl who loves Instagram, is majorly crushing on Nick Jonas and describes herself as fun, crazy and energetic. But when she opens her mouth to sing (or even just for an interview), she definitely doesn't sound like a typical 12-year-old. This preteen with a big voice writes her own songs, plays piano and is getting ready to release her first EP called Firecracker on Jan. 27.

You'd think most 12-year-old singers look up to pop stars like Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift for inspiration, but soulful Skylar names Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Christina Aguilera as her biggest musical inspirations. That's probably because she describes her sound as pop with an "urban, R&B flare."

Skylar first discovered her major pipes when she was 9 years old, even though she started playing piano at an earlier age.

"I signed myself up for a school talent show to play the piano, but when I went in to audition they had me sing instead and I was totally unprepared. I didn't know what I was going to do, because at that point I didn't think I could sing," said Skylar. "So, I ended up singing and I found out a week later that I got in for singing and not the piano."

Skylar says she tries to write songs that she feels other girls her age will relate to, whether they be about her experiences or things that have happened to her friends. She's now releasing her first EP and has a single, "Rooftop," playing on Radio Disney.

Check out more of our Q&A with Skylar below.

Pre-Teen Singer/Songwriter Skylar Stecker Performs At Santa Monica PlaceCambio: If you could open for any muisican, who would it be and why?
Skylar: I would probably open up for someone like Beyonce or Bruno Mars, just because those people are like my biggest inspirations and I think it would be so cool to be on tour with them and learn from them.

Cambio: What's your favorite song right now?
Skylar: "Jealous" by Nick Jonas. I'm obsessed with that song. Whenever somebody asks, 'Who's your celebrity crush?' I'm like, 'Nick Jonas.' I really like how he came back in the music industry as a solo artist.

Cambio: What's your favorite song on your EP, Firecracker?
Skylar: I like "Firecracker" and I really like "Rooftop." "Firecracker" is a lot of fun. It's just one of those songs where you can like let loose and relate to it, because everyone has a fun, energetic, crazy side to them. I think a lot of times people are scared to let it shine through, so it's a really fun song where you can let loose.

Cambio: How do you hope to inspire other young girls?
Skylar: My goal is to help them feel more comfortable with themselves or understand that being yourself is the best thing you can be.

Cambio: What's your best advice for girls who want to follow their dreams?
Skylar: My advice is just to be yourself, stay to true to you and work really hard, because if you work really hard and you love doing something, everything will pay off and you will be successful. I just want people to know whatever they set there mind to they can do if they just focus and really believe in themselves.

In 2015, Skylar says she hopes to get as many people to hear her new music as possible. Two of her ultimate 2015 dreams are to perform on an award show and have one of her songs on the charts. Check out Skylar's "Rooftop" music video below.

For more on Skylar, check out her website, skylarstar.com, and get her new EP Firecracker on iTunes Jan. 27.


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