Exclusive: Watch 'Project Almanac' Teens Get Revenge on Bullies

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It's nothing like seeing bullies get what's coming to them.

In this exclusive clip from Project Almanac, the teens turn the tables on a group of girls who make it a point to make Chris (Virginia Gardner) the butt of all their cruel jokes.

As she's walking down the hallway in school, one of the girls purposely spills a huge cup of soda on her, and Chris gets her back in an awesome way.

The sci-fi thriller centers on a group of friends who discover plans for a time machine, build it and use it to fix the issues they're dealing with in their lives. Trouble begins, however, when they start to notice that each change they make causes ripples through time that create dire circumstances around the world. Now, they must go back in time to fix their mistakes before the world is destroyed.

Insurgent actor Jonny Weston, as well as Sofia Black-D'Elia and Amy Landecker also star in the film, which hits theaters Friday.

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