GoDaddy Pulls Controversial Super Bowl Ad After Massive Online Backlash

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With mere days to go before the big game, GoDaddy has just pulled their Super Bowl ad after backlash from animal lovers and activist groups caused them rethink the controversial commercial.

The ad features an adorable puppy falling out of a truck and desperately trying to find his way home only to finally make it and discover that his owner sold him online (using a website she created on GoDaddy, of course).

Twitter erupted in a fury over the commercial with everything from sheer rage to accusations of animal cruelty. A petition aimed at having the ad pulled quickly surfaced and had already gathered tens of thousands of signatures before the GoDaddy CEO took to Twitter to share that they'd decided to pull the ad. According to TMZ, the company still plans to use the Super Bowl commercial slot they paid $4 million to secure, but with only a few days left to go, they're going to have to think fast.

What do you guys think of the ad? Did you find it offensive?
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