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Strong Friends vs. Weak Ones

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Looking back at 2014 I see how many friends I made, and how many I lost, which is very bittersweet to me. I'm not upset over the ones I lost - I know they gave me memories, and that's it. I'm glad they were there when they were, so when I find myself reflecting on our time together I do it thankfully. Some of them taught me things about myself that I have come to love, and some taught me about things I want to work on and change.

One of the struggles of life is learning to let people go. Sometimes people need to be forgotten. This could be cause they are toxic to your life, or because you are toxic to them. And once in a while there will be a person who tries to keep a firm grip on you, who seems to be drowning in themselves and trying to drag you down with them. Never let them take you under the current, if they are not striving to grow and change, and they seem to be holding you back. Cut them off. It may be painful for you or them, or both. But no one should be in a relationship where they can no longer see themselves truly. Friends are supposed to help build you, never tear you down, and make you into what they want.

Knowing your real friends is great when you find yourself in a hard place, because if they are your true friends they will either help you out of there, and if they can't get you out, they sit with you until you're strong enough to pull yourself out. There will be those friends who never seem to support you, but they need your support, it's all up to your judgement to figure out who.
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