Cat 'Killed' By Car Crawls Out of Grave Five Days Later

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Umm...did this cat get buried in Stephen King's Pet Sematary?

Five days after Bart the cat was buried in a shallow grave, the feline showed up in his neighbor's yard alive (!).

Prior to his burial, Bart was hit by a car and appeared to be lifeless, so his owner, Ellis Hutson, buried him. Days later, the cat crawled out of the grave, matted, injured, dehydrated, and meowing for food, according to CBS News.

We weren't the only ones who thought of Stephen King's horror flick after hearing this story. "At first it blew me away", one of the neighbors told the BBC. "All I knew was this cat was dead and [the movie] Pet Sematary is real." In the movie, pets (and people) are buried in a cemetery and brought back to life.

After reuniting with his zombie cat, Ellis reached out to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, which will help cover the costs of a surgery Bart needed to remove an eye, wire his jaw shut and insert a feeding tube. Even with all of that, the cat is still expected to make a full recovery in six weeks.

The Humane Society has dubbed him "Bart the Miracle Cat," saying they've never seen a case like this, according to the BBC.

We guess cats really do have nine lives.

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