Meet the New Human Ken Doll Who Spent $265,000 on Plastic Surgery

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Watch out Justin Jedlica. A new human Ken doll is coming to take your throne.

Londoner Rodrigo Alves has spent more than $265,000 on plastic surgery, transforming everything from his calves to his nose to his smile to look "perfect," according to the Daily Mail.

The 31-year-old flight attendant has doled out major cash for his now 30 body-changing operations, which include liposuction, calf implants, six-pack implants and Botox fillers, but his latest surgery was his priciest yet.

Rodrigo spent a reported $75,900 for a six-in-one risky operation, which included his fourth nose job, an operation to fix his droopy eyes, another that pinned his toes back and a "gruesome procedure" that cut the skin around his mouth and gums to make his smile bigger.

While he was at it, Rodrigo also got liposuction...for a special reason. He gained the fat on purpose to use it in a revolutionary, pricey stem cell procedure, which combined the fluid with his blood and injected it back into his hair and skin to try to stop the aging process.

Even with all that, the admitted perfectionist said he's not planning to stop going under the knife any time soon. "It's a long process," he said. "It is long-term maintenance. Once you start, it is difficult to stop. Naturally I'm a perfectionist. It's like a snowball effect and I'm not going to stop."

"It doesn't define the man that I am - I'm much more than silicone and cosmetic surgery - but once you get started it's difficult to stop," he continued. "I'm quite hard on myself and I'm scared of getting old - that's the truth."

Rodrigo first went under the knife in 2004 after feeling "too unattractive" to fit in in London. Although he claims his goal was never to look like a Ken doll, he did post a shot of himself posing with one Wednesday.

"I never set out to look like the #kendoll it was a nick name given by my friends and the press which doesn't bother me at all," he captioned the snap. "I just wanted to be a better person and I truly am #happy #plasticpositive #kendoll #kenhumano #realityshow #reallifekendoll #rodrigoalves."

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