Did Kidz Bop Make 'All About That Bass' R Rated?

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Did Kidz Bop just sing a dirty cover version of Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass"? If you take a quick listen (seriously, who else gives these knock-offs that much attention?), you may hear the lyric, "I'm bringing anal back."

The horror. In fact, some people took to Twitter to cry foul on the tune because, according to Kidz Bop law, all songs must be scrubbed until sparkling, so there's no way this racy lyric should make the cut.

Turns out, it's not what it sounds like – "I'm bringing booty back" becomes "I'm bringing it all back." All other references of booty have also been changed to protect the innocent.

As always, we weep a bit for the Kidz Bop folks responsible for figuring out how to clean up lyrics and make everything G rated. That's no easy task.

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