Katy Perry's Dog Steals the Show During Pre-Super Bowl Press Conference

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We didn't know that today was bring your dog to work day, but whatever...we think EVERY day should be bring your dog to work day and apparently, so does Katy Perry.

The pop star was in the middle of her press conference where she discussed things such as Deflategate (more on that later), which team she's rooting for and, of course, her highly-anticipated halftime show.

At some point during her mom's big media moment, Katy's dog Butters decided it was her time to shine - and that she did! In fact, we might see that exact pattern run by one of the teams on Sunday. Go Butters!

In case you were interested in more than just the canine part of the conference, we'll fill you in on the rest, too. Katy threw her support behind the Seahawks, saying, she's "probably going to go for them" because she likes their quarterback Russell Wilson. Fair enough.

She even tried to channel him with this pass:

And since she's going to leave the passing to the pros on Sunday, she did speak briefly about her halftime performance, which we can not wait to see! In her statement, she showed that she's clearly up on all of the latest NFL news, throwing in a Deflategate reference just for good measure.

Wow...sounds like we've got a lot to look forward to! And hopefully she'll keep Butters on a shorter leash during the performance. Unless she's part of it - OMG, please let her be part of it!
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