Why Miley Cyrus Wears Less Makeup Now

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Miley Cyrus might be more wild and crazy these days when it comes to her hair and clothes, but that doesn't mean she's that way with her makeup. The twerking singer just revealed that she actually wears less product on her face now than she did in her Hannah Montana teenager days.

During a recent interview with PopSugar.com, Miley revealed that she doesn't care about makeup, extensions or heels because it's "not reality."

"People are human and people forget that the people on Instagram aren't human and they're not always what they seem to be through a picture," she said.

Don't expect Miley to go back to her old look, either. She said she'll never look that way again, and thinks she looks just as good now.

She thanked the strong women in her life, her mom and Dolly Parton, for helping her understand her personal style. She's no longer dressing or looking a certain way to try and meet society's insane standards. She dresses for herself. That would explain why she wears those onesies and barely-there outfits.

Check out the proof of Miley's transformation over the years above. Think it's cool she cares less about her image now?

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