This Invisible Boyfriend App Will Give You a Beau for Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day, also known as singles awareness day, is right around the corner.

If you find yourself dreading the upcoming holiday because you don't have a boo – or if you're tired of everyone asking when you'll have one – there's a new app that might be able to help (or at least get some folks off your back).

The Invisible Boyfriend app actually puts together a custom faux boyfriend for you – and claims you will look like you have a real one after it does.

Here's how it works: You design your own boyfriend, specifying what you're looking for in a guy physically, then you choose a pic of someone you're attracted to on site, and pick his age, name and personality.

The app even goes so far as to create the story of how you met. All you do is fill in the blanks. For example, "We met in a bar called (name of bar) in (name of city). I saw you (what he was doing) and I decided to introduce myself. We ordered a round of (name of drink) and ended up (what you did ) the whole night."

You can even text your invisible boyfriend and he'll text right back. For a monthly fee of about $25 bucks, the Invisible boyfriend will send "100 text messages, 10 voicemails and one postcard," all coming from a real human, not a robot, according to USA Today.

Here are some the texts you might get, according to the New Yorker."Good morning, gorgeous!," "You're so beautiful when you're sleeping," and "Maybe that spotless kitchen will put me back in your good books!"

Wait a minute...this guy cooks and cleans? Sign us up. And don't worry fellas, the app also creates an Invisible Girlfriend too.

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