Justin Bieber Fan Falls Out of Car While Chasing Him

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Justin Bieber caused all kinds of havoc in Los Angeles on Friday when he stopped traffic to say what's up to Larry King. While all of that might seem a little outrageous in itself, things got really crazy when a Belieber spotted the popstar and started chasing him.

The Biebs reportedly stopped for a minute to chat with the legendary talk show host. He stuck his head out the window, and when he did he was spotted by a fan.

Like most Beliebers would, the girl jumped out of her mom's car to try and meet him. Talk about dedication!

Unfortunately, before she could get to him, his car was already pulling away. That's when she busted out her inner cop and apparently ran back to her mom's car to continue the chase.

Sadly, she wasn't on the same level as her mom. Mama Dukes started to drive away before the girl was fully in the car, and she fell out onto the road.

We know most of you are probably chuckling about this, but we seriously hope she's okay! We all love us some Bieber, but don't hurt yourself over him, girl!

Would you chase Justin if you saw him out in public?

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