McDonald's Will Now Let You Pay for Food With Love

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Forget paying with cash. McDonald's is looking for love.

The company will allow select customers to "Pay With Lovin'" from Feb. 2 until Feb. 14, with its new Super Bowl ad demonstrating how that works.

In the commercial, customers step up to order their Big Macs, shakes and fries, and are asked to show some affection instead of handing over dollar bills. Employees ask a few people to call their moms while they're standing at the cash register, dancing and more.

"Your payment today will be telling us what you love about your son," one employee says, to which a tearful mom replies, "I love his compassion for other people."

"Your total is one big family hug," another employee says, as family after family embraces.

"We want to thank our customers for making our day and hopefully they will make someone else's as well - that's what Lovin' is all about," a McDonald's spokesperson told ABC News. "From selfies, hugs to high fives - we have a bunch of fun ways to express your Lovin'."

We're lovin' it.

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