This Always Super Bowl Ad Redefines What It Means to Do Something #LikeAGirl

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When the original Always #LikeAGirl ad was released online last year, it was over three minutes long and we loved every single second of it.

We couldn't have imagined that cutting the commercial to a third of that would still allow it to have the same impact, but the company somehow pulled it off...and not only that, it's actually going to have an even greater impact because it's about to reach over 100 million viewers.

Despite the fact that the video went crazy viral with over 54 million views on YouTube, Always decided to spring for the super expensive Super Bowl slot because - well, what better time than the most testosterone-infused event of the year to remind everyone that girls are awesome, too!

"We've only reached one half of our girls in the United States and ... even fewer boys and men with the message, so I think with such a powerful message like this and the fact that we know it's already making an impact and changing perceptions, there's no better platform than the Super Bowl," Global Always' VP told CNN.

"It's already making an impact and changing perceptions. There's no better platform than the Super Bowl to reach over 100 million people to spread the message and redefine the meaning of 'like a girl.'"

Given that this year's Super Bowl time slots reportedly about $4.5 million for 30 seconds, the 1-minute Always ad was a HUGE investment. Then again, you can't really put a price on raising the confidence of girls worldwide.

Thank you, Always, for investing in all of us...

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