Farrah Abraham's Fashion Faux Pas Raises a Very Important Question

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Farrah Abraham posted this pic of herself at the airport wearing this outfit that is actually really cute when you consider all that goes into planning an airport outfit. It has to be comfy, it can't be your Victoria's Secret boyfriend pants (unless you are not famous and won't be photographed, then go ahead and rock them) and you absolutely need to wear flat shoes. All things considered, we think she did pretty well - except for the boy shorts under the white pants.

Some have mocked Farrah for her fashion faux pas, but we have a feeling those are probably guys who have not been faced with the 'what the hell DO you wear under white pants' dilemma. Because really, there is no right answer. Absolutely none.

Let's consider the options:

White Underwear: This sounds like a good idea - in theory. In practice, whether you do the boy shorts like Farrah did or a thong if that's your thing, it's gonna show like crazy. It basically doubles up the fabric on the white parts and it essentially shows everyone a bright white outline of what your underwear looks like.

Black Underwear: There are some myths that this is a good option and we, too, have fallen for the hype. The whole theory is that the dark color will take on the same shade that your skin does under the white fabric and it will all blend in beautifully. It doesn't. And while you think you're putting a lot of thought into it and doing something smart, people will probably look at you and think 'oh that poor girl didn't think to wear lighter underwear.' Yes, we did and that didn't work, either!

Nude Underwear: Nope! Same concept as the white underwear and somehow, it mysteriously creates bigger, weirder lines. We haven't figured it out, but we have tested it and we'll save you the trouble - Don't bother.

No Underwear: True, you won't have underwear lines, but given that we have already established that anything under white pants creates an underwear line, you are now announcing to the world that you are NOT wearing underwear and we're not sure what is worse. Would you rather have people see the line of your underwear or basically feel like you're walking around fully exposed? Tough call.

Clearly, it's a situation, so before we laugh at Farrah, let's be honest with ourselves - we've all been there. And you can't just not wear white pants because they go with everything and it feels very fresh and cool to mix up your everyday denim look with some crisp white pants. So, what DO you do? You basically have to make a deal with the devil...you pick your level of underwear exposure and you just own it.
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