Gigi Hadid Shares 'Then and Now' Guess Modeling Shots

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Gigi Hadid has been in the modeling business for a long time. Just how long, you ask? Well, long enough to share these insanely awesome 'then and now' shots that she did for Guess.

The shot on the left is from 1999 and the popular clothing retailer shared their own black & white version of the pic (which added to the 'wow that was so long ago!' effect) with the caption, "Did you know that @paulmarciano discovered @gigihadid in 1999 when she was only 4 years old? Here she is in her first Baby GUESS shot."

For his part, Paul also shared this shot that Gigi did 7 years later, also for Guess.

A photo posted by Paul Marciano (@paulmarciano) on

Obviously, a lot has changed in the fashion world since then, but Gigi old shots prove that her beauty is timeless.

While it is tough being in an industry that is famous for scrutinizing girls' bodies, Gigi recently revealed that she hasn't been affected by the negative body image ideals in the modeling world.

"I've always been an athlete. I've always had a certain body type that I've always been happy with and I didn't wanna let that go for a career," she told E! News. "You kind of have to know your goals and know that if you're not right for certain jobs, then you shouldn't be doing them. If my body type isn't right for 'this' and they want me to change, then they can find another girl in that sense."

And that is why she's EXACTLY right for stuff. We love that she puts her own health before anything else and there's nothing we love more than seeing a model who looks healthy...and happy.

Gigi has a lot to smile about these days. The 19-year-old recently rekindled her romance with singer Cody Simpson AND she just won "Model of the Year" and the Daily Front Row's first-ever Fashion Los Angeles Awards.

Go, Gigi!

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