Where Is the GoDaddy Dog Now?

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Despite the controversial commercial, we all know that the GoDaddy dog wasn't REALLY sold on an online website. But, what did end up happening to him?

Turns out, he made out pretty well. On January 14, Buddy became the company's "Chief Companion Officer." That's right, he's a C-suite executive!

"While working on-set, GoDaddy team members fell in love with the puppy and started rallying support to adopt the adorable canine," the company said in a news release.

So, what does that involve? Having an executive job is tough stuff and we don't want Buddy having to work too hard!

"As our Chief Companion Officer, Buddy will be interacting with customers, mostly small business owners who are looking for relaxation and a reprieve from their hectic workday," the company's Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman explained. "We're already booking time with customers...and our own employees are lining up to meet the little guy. All you have to do is look at him and 'bam,' your stress level goes down and your mood goes up. It's a proven scientific fact."

True story.

He also has his own Twitter account and the company shared artist's renderings of what his office will be like and it looks like Buddy will be very well taken care of!

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