Meet the Hot Guys Behind Katy Perry's Super Bowl Sharks...Is One on Tinder?

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Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show was nothing short of amazing, and one of our favorite parts of it were the two dancing sharks behind her...but is it true one of the guys in the shark costumes is using his status to pick up girls on Tinder?

Check out this exchange that was posted on Reddit and has since been removed of a guy named Garret who was telling Tinder matches before the Super Bowl to look for him as a dancing shark.
Garrett dancing shark Super Bowl Katy Perry

Katy Perry Super Bowl Shark Tinder

But Katy's sharks have been identified as two guys who aren't Garret. One is Scott Myrick, who's a longtime backup dancer of Katy's, and he's quite sexy underneath that shark costume.
Scott Myrick
And the other guy is Bryan Gaw, who's also danced with Katy for years. So what gives...was Garret totally lying? Not exactly. A person playing a dancing palm tree during the show took questions on Reddit and revealed that originally, the sharks were set to be dancers from Mesa Community College, but Katy decided to use her own people a few days before.

Poor Garret! Hopefully, his Tinder match will still talk to him.

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