See the GoDaddy Super Bowl Spot That Replaced the Puppy One

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GoDaddy came under fire last week when their planned Super Bowl ad was released early and people were infuriated by the content of the commercial.

The clip showed a sweet little puppy getting lost and when he finally found his way home, his owner said she's glad he's back because she just sold him via this online website she made - with GoDaddy, of course. Suffice it to say, animal rights groups were furious and so were a lot of other dog lovers.

To their credit, GoDaddy pulled the ad and since they paid an estimated $4 million for the Super Bowl commercial slot, they had to think fast to come up with a commercial to take its place.

It was super simple and who knows, the whole thing could have even been shot in one take, but it did speak to what the company is about and was MUCH better than the heartbreaking lost puppy commercial. Then again, anything was better than the heartbreaking lost puppy commercial.

Speaking of the puppy, GoDaddy is taking good care of Buddy, the dog from the Super Bowl commercial that never was. To learn more about his new life, click here.
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