Band Claims Carrie Underwood's New Music Video Is Just Like Theirs

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Carrie Underwood is a copycat? Since when?!

The country singer was just called out for pretty much using the same exact video concept for her new "Little Toy Guns" video that a music group has already used. What the...?

During a recent podcast, a member of band called Greek Fire seemed to hint that Carrie's latest video was very similar to one of his band's videos. "Almost shot for shot," he said."Carrie Underwood is not coming up with her own video concepts, somebody from the Carrie Underwood camp."

In Greek Fire's video, a young boy runs into the woods, pretending to be a hero out to save his father from a boring life. Flash forward to Carrie's video that was released just last week. In that video, a young girl takes off to the woods and lives a fantasy life in which she saves her parents from marital chaos.

Don't think all of this means a lawsuit or anything. The band doesn't want any bad blood with the mama-to-be country singer.

"I'm not interested in money that I didn't earn and I'm not interested in disparaging Carrie Underwood in any way," the band's lead singer added. Actually, he kind of capitalized on the whole moment, tweeting about the similarity so she and her millions of fans could retweet. Not sure why, though. Their video has over a million views!

Check out both music videos below. We'll let you decide if it was a copy-cat situation or not...

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