Harry Styles' Birthday Guest Book Leaked Online: Uber Driver Explains

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Harry Styles had the mother of all birthday parties last weekend, and while a trickle of pics from the event (including some amaze photobooth snaps) made it online, it's Harry's guest book that got fans fired up.

Harry had a swanky guest book to capture some of his birthday memories and, as these things go, the book turned up missing – and some pics of the contents leaked online. Because of course.

Reportedly, Harry's friend, Jeff Azoff, was in charge of the book and left it in an Uber car. The Uber driver allegedly snapped pics of the pages and posted them online. One Direction fans were understandably bummed that Harry's private property was lifted and the pages shared with the world.

A Twitter user named Garrett (@varet2006) claims he found Harry's guest book and wrote: "I am the Uber driver who found the Harry's guest book.You want to know the true story. You all were wrong about me."

He explained: "This is the true story, so read this. My name is Garrett. I am the Uber driver who found the Harry's guest book, not to steal or try to sell it."

He further said that he discovered the book after dropping off Harry's guests and tried to return it but it was 5 a.m. and everyone was gone.

As for how those pics leaked? Garrett explains that a fan outside the party "asked me to text her few pictures since she is a big fan. I trusted her and texted her a few pictures. She posted them online and said that I stole the book and tried to sell it, and you silly people believed her. She texted me and said sorry."

Thankfully, there was a happy ending to the story, with the book finding its way back into Harry's hands, as he explained "the book has been return to Harry. Please stop tweeting untrue stories."

Garrett added, "I hope Harry will call me one day. I left my card in the book."

Uber LA confirmed that the book was returned to Harry.
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