Some Guys Were Mad About the Always #LikeaGirl Super Bowl Commercial

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The Always #LikeaGirl ad was on YouTube for months before a shortened version aired during the Super Bowl. It had already amassed over 54 million views, which is about half the amount of people who ended up seeing it during the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, the additional exposure for the message aimed at empowering young women ended up pissing some men off.

As a retort, #LikeaBoy started trending on Twitter and some complained that it was unfair to make a commercial aimed just at empowering women. Mind you, Always makes know, like, for periods. Some actually reinforced why Always created the ad in the first place, tweeting things like this:
Hey, we're all about equality and would be more than happy to get on board with the #LikeaBoy thing if it meant something positive for young boys and their self-esteem.

From what we're seeing on Twitter, though, it sounds like doing something #LikeaBoy means not giving girls the credit they deserve, which brings us right back to the reason the ad was created in the first place.

There are people that are willing to stand up for the cause (and for girls) who have responded to the 'meninists' and their attempt to make #LikeaBoy happen:
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