8-Year-Old Boy Writes Amazing Letter About Being Transgender

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Qbdoo, an 8-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, has written a letter and made a video about being transgender. It's adorable – and the message is remarkably simple.

First, Q explains his favorite foods (veggies and fruits!), dislikes (scary movies) and what he likes to do (hang out with friends).

He also explains why he's a boy but is also "frustrated" when people don't understand, writing: "I don't know why I am a boy I just know it. Some people forget that I am a boy. I feel frustrated but I remind them and they remember it."

Empire State Pride Agenda posted the sweet and honest letter, as well as Q's mom Francisca's letter that explains her support of her transgender child.

She writes: "Two years ago, when Q was just six years old, he started to get really frustrated about himself, his body, his clothes. He complained about not liking himself. He would compare himself to all his classmates and find himself wanting."

After Q started wearing boys' clothes, she said "his happiness started to come back." She explains: "Little by little he stated more and more clearly how he knew he was a boy; first to me, then to his father, then to school and to the world. He was only a little child; he had no fear of oppression or discrimination – he only knew that he was different from how everyone was treating him, and wanted us to listen to who he really was. With the recognition that he was truly a boy, he was fully human and happy."

Francisca adds in her letter: "My child is an amazing creature. At eight years old, he knows people need time to understand that we are all different; he respects people's pace and trusts their processes. We as a society should value much more the perspective and experiences of Q and others like him; a perspective that is so much more rounded and complete than the so-called "norm."

Watch his video and check out the letter: "My name is QBDOO/Q. I am 8 years old. My favourite things are Reading, Eating Crunchy Veshtebols And Fruits, Haning out With my Friends. I don't like scary moves F.Y.I. I am not aloud to watch scary moves. I don't know why I am a boy I just know it. some people forget that I am a boy. I feel frushtraded but I remind them and they Remembir. This is QBDOO/Q Reporting From Brooklyn"

We love this kid.

8 year old transgender boy letter

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