John Mayer Interviews Katy Perry's Super Bowl Sharks

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John Mayer got to try his hand at hosting a talk show this week when he guest-hosted for CBS' Late Late Show on Wednesday.

Of course, John wanted to make sure the show would be a smashing success, so he brought on the sharks from Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show. That's right, left shark in the house! And right shark, he was there too...but LEFT SHARK!

There was some random guy with them, who introduced himself as a marine biologist named Carl who would interpret for the sharks because they can't talk, but whatever. Left shark, you don't have to say anything and we will love you, anyway. Not as much as this guy, but we WILL love you.

So, what did John ask the sharks? Not a whole lot really, what they eat (backup dancers), if they would dance with him (no) and he made a point of emphasizing that BOTH sharks did a fine job.Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show
While it was fun to see the sharks again, during another segment on the show, John brought on his pal Andy Cohen and they talked about the real star of the halftime show, who just so happens to be John's girlfriend.

"It was unbelievable," he said, regarding Katy's performance. "And I think the whole thing about the sharks, everybody wants to talk about the sharks because it's just something everyone can grab onto because not everyone feels comfortable walking around saying that Katy Perry was amazing... She made the Internet a kind and gentle place for a day. It was awesome."

We second that. But don't worry, John, even Katy loves left shark!
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