Miley Cyrus Creates Cody Simpson's New "Flower" Single Art

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Who knew Miley Cyrus is a really good photographer? She busted out her inner artist to help out Cody Simpson, and we aren't talking about any of that weird stuff from her Dirty Hippie art collection, either.

The singer apparently took the picture that is now Cody's "Flower" single art. Surprisingly, it doesn't look like something out of a weird acid trip. It's actually really pretty, and very PG-13.

Cody shared Miley's work on Instagram on Wednesday. It features a simplistic white flower on a black background.

"My very first piece of work as a free man and independent artist distributing my own tunes. Much more where this came from...The garden grows," he captioned the photo.

So how did all of this come about? Well, Miley and Cody are pretty good BFFs. He recently went to Nashville on a trip with her and her new boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger.

"I shot it on some Polaroids, and then instead of complicating things, I said f*** it, I'm just going to shoot this s*** on an iPhone," she recently told Rolling Stone about how she created the cover for him.

"I just wanted something where people didn't have a stereotypical idea of what he was and could just look at the song for what it is," she added.

Check out the "Flower" artwork below. Like it?

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