Taylor Swift Pulls a Beyonce, Goes to War With Etsy

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Well, there are some more people you can add to Taylor Swift's long list of ex-lovers. The singer is reportedly threatening legal action over several artists' work on Etsy.com, the homemade e-commerce site that allows people to sell items with her lyrics on them.

According to BuzzFeed.com, Tay and her peeps sent cease and desist letters to several store owners on the website. They were selling several items like coffee mugs with some of Tay's most popular lyrics on them.

One owner was sent a letter from Tay's lawyer claiming she was guilty of trademark infringement for selling a T-shirt emblazoned with one of the singer's lyrics. Scary!

"We originally made the item for fun," the seller, who wished to remain anonymous told BuzzFeed. "We love Taylor, and we had friends that love Taylor. The cost of the item covered shipping and production costs, with very little left over."

The seller said she was "shocked" and "scared" when she was told to take down the products, explaining, "This had seemed like such a harmless and fun idea."

All of this comes after Taylor trademarked several song lyrics from her latest album 1989. Her pal Beyonce just did the same thing, threatening to take legal action against makers of a "Feyonce" mug on Etsy.

While most fans understand that it's Taylor's work, she deserves the money for it, some aren't too happy with the "new" Tay Tay.

"@taylorswift13 goes after @Spotify and now @Etsy? I'm not a fan of a commercialized Taylor. Yuck," fan Sally-Anne Kaminski posted on Twitter.

What do you guys think? Does Taylor have a right to do all of this? Chime in.

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