Bruce Jenner Appears to Be Smoking, Not Texting During Crash

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On Saturday, Bruce Jenner was involved in a tragic car accident that left one woman dead and others injured. Since then, everyone has been trying to figure out exactly how the fatal four-car collision occurred.

There was early speculation that the paparazzi might have contributed as they have been paying extra attention to Bruce lately since he's reportedly undergoing a gender transformation. The police said that while Bruce was aware that paparazzi were following him, he was not driving erratically to avoid them and they don't believe the photogs were a factor in the accident.

Shortly after the paparazzi were pretty much cleared, another theory emerged. In one of the photos at the moment of impact, published by TMZ, Bruce appeared to either be looking down at something or holding something in his left hand and people were quick to assume that he might have been texting.

Cops told the site that they would be obtaining a search warrant for his cell phone records as well as his actual phone to investigate, but it probably won't be necessary anymore. In a new photo just obtained by the site, the object in Bruce's hand is a cigarette...not his phone.

The police also said that the skid marks left by Bruce's car made them positive that the former Olympian had tried to avoid the collision, which in itself could have been an argument against the texting theory. The photo is obviously stronger evidence and Bruce's phone is nowhere in sight.

The 65-year-old submitted to a field sobriety test (which he passed) and gave a blood sample, although Sgt. Philip Brooks of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department told Page Six that Bruce did "not appear intoxicated or under the influence of anything."
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