Police to Review Phone Records in Bruce Jenner Accident

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UPDATE: In a new photo of TMZ taken at the time of impact, the object in Bruce's left hand can clearly be visualized and it is a cigarette, not his phone. More details here.

Bruce Jenner was involved in a horrible accident yesterday where one woman tragically lost her life. Since the accident, many people wondered if paparazzi were a factor as they were following Bruce at the time of the incident. Police say, however, that while they were likely following Bruce, they do not appear to have contributed to the accident in any way.

When photos of the moment of impact surfaced on TMZ, a lot of people said it looked like Bruce was holding something in his hand in one of the photos. The site specifically clarifies that, "The photos we posted showing Bruce in the car immediately before impact do not reveal what if anything he's holding. It appears he might be clutching something in his left hand but it's unclear."

Since texting and driving is illegal in California, police want to find out whether or not Bruce was on his phone. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that they will obtain search warrants for the phone itself as well as the phone records, which could help them determine whether or not he was on the phone at the time of the incident.

Bruce did pass a field sobriety test and law enforcement says they're "positive" the former Olympian tried to avoid the accident because of the tire marks that were left by his car when he hit the brakes.

It is worth noting that Kate Larsen, a reporter for NBC LA, spoke with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and was told that they will review records to see if "anyone" was on the phone. It is quite possible that this is just standard procedure when there is a fatality.
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