The 7 Most Memorable Kanye West Moments From the 2015 Grammys

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Kanye West was making news all night at the Grammys - from his red carpet interview with Ryan Seacrest to almost interrupting Beck inside the show to his curious comments at the E! afterparty, Kanye definitely created some of the most memorable 2015 Grammy moments.

1. Before 'Ye even entered the venue, he let us know it was gonna be an interesting night when he gave this response to Ryan Seacrest

2. He also got a little grabby with his girl, showing some serious PDA on the red carpet

3. Inside the show, Kanye mended fences with Taylor Swift, who he infamously interrupted at the 2009 MTV VMAs

4. Then he pretended to do the same thing to Beck and everyone thought that he was kidding...

...But, it turns out he wasn't

5. Kanye also got to perform on the Grammy stage this year for the first time in six years and he decided to do this while he was up there

6. At the E! after party, Kanye told everyone that they should take the E! logo off of their mics and things got a little awkward...

7. But Kanye explained why (he felt) it was OK for everyone to go ahead and do it

All in all, it was a pretty eventful evening for Yeezy...and everyone watching. 


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