California Teen Finds Chicken Organ in His KFC Meal

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If you are eating, or plan on eating anytime soon, we apologize in advance for ruining your meal because this WILL ruin your meal.

When California high school student Manuel Cobarubies stopped at his local KFC, which he says he visits often, he got a sickening surprise. Manuel found what he believed was a chicken's BRAIN in his meal. "(It looked) like a brain to me. I mean at that point, red flags were kind of raised," he told Fox 40 News.

While most of us snap photos of our meal to show everyone how delicious our lunch looks, Manuel tweeted out a pic to show everyone the sickening thing that he'd found next to his chicken breast, thighs and corn. "I directly mentioned to them and a bunch of people started tagging them and I guess it kind of raised awareness to them when a lot of people started tagging them in my tweet," he tells the station.

KFC finally got wind of the situation and called Manuel to apologize and tell him that the "brain" is actually a kidney or a gizzard and is safe to eat. Um, no thanks.

At the end of the day, Manuel got what he wanted, which was a refund, although it's likely he won't be re-investing that money in another KFC meal. "I'm probably just going to have to start packing my own meals, making my own sandwiches," he says.

As for KFC, an area consultant for the company tells Fox 40 that they will be working with their cooks to make sure the chicken is prepared correctly.
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