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Why We Need to Take a Page From Elsa and "Let it Go"

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So he cheated on you. So she she lied about you. So your boss doesn't appreciate you, your teacher doesn't get you (your dog ACTUALLY ate your homework), and your dream of becoming a Disney pop star looks a little bleak. So you've never been kissed. So you started kissing at the age of 8. So all of the plans about how your life should turn out seem to be taking their time in forming, and it seems like you're floating aimlessly in the mythical Land of Nowhere. I'm not trivializing these things. In the famous words of that kid from War Horse, "You are not alone, are you? Because I'm here." And while I'm not gazing lovingly into your eyes in the middle of a field (I would if I could- believe me), the message is very much the same. You are not alone. We all have things that cloud up our minds in the 24 hours from the time we rub the sleep from our eyes to the time we lay our heads back down to sleep. It's the constant hum drum of "what-if's," "why-not's," and "how-could-they's."

And its easy to stay there, to let that soundtrack play on in your life like the incessant thumping of your dirty shoes in the washing machine until it drives you into the arms of yet another therapist. And you could ALWAYS continue to live like that, mind you, if that's your particular cup of tea. But I cannot live this way. Live is too full of amazing opportunities and my dreams are too big for all of that ridiculousness. So, instead of living a life full of complaint, accusation, lies, fake smiles, and rejection..........I watch Frozen.

Don't laugh. Aside from being the first film that Disney animation has gotten absolutely perfect since The Lion King, this movie is an "Idiot's Guide" to pretty much all of life's questions. Need a new job because yours has suddenly become irrelevant due to a freak ice storm? Just find yourself an adventure to pass the time. Need a companion that's smart, funny, and can speak your language? Buy a reindeer. Afraid that you'll be rejected by everyone around you because of how special you are? Don't run away. It only makes the situation WORSE. Are your parents so afraid of you that they lock you in your room for years? Have your sister break in and run away together to live with the rock trolls (Frozen: Extended Edition ;) ). It's ALL THERE. Still, it's the song (yes, THAT SONG, the one sung all over the world in over 50 different languages including Pig-Latin) that changes this movie into something even Dr. Phil would be proud of.

Now, I'm not telling you guys to run through a snow covered mountain, build a "kingdom of isolation," or even break out into song and dance. I am saying that it's time. It's time to "Let." "It." "GO." And by "it," I mean everything.

1. You can try desperately to win ALL of the time OR you can accept the fact that you don't have to be right in every argument.
2. You can run and chase after someone else's "dream" until even you forget what it was or who you are OR you can choose not to worry about dreams not yet lived or nightmares that have been relived.
3. You can live a life as if the entire world is against you OR you can realize that it's not necessary to build a wall of hurt, anger, and lies in order to protect yourself from getting hurt.
4. You can worry about all of the things in your past that you regret OR you can let lessons learned from the past help train you for your future.

And finally, You can life a life of misery and fear OR you can live the life of freedom that comes with knowing that lies can swirl around you, betrayal can try to fell you, but you hold the key to what happens to you. You hold the pen. You, and only you, can say how this story goes from now on. Stop worrying about the future. Let it go! Let's make Elsa proud.

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