Police Obtain Video Showing Immediate Aftermath of Bruce Jenner Accident

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There were a lot of photos that surfaced of Bruce Jenner's accident. Some were taken after law enforcement and rescue personnel had already arrived, some were taken during the investigation, but the police have just obtained a new video that could be a key piece of evidence in the investigation into the incident.

According to TMZ, police have just obtained video taken seconds after the fatal crash, which could show them who witnessed it and those witnesses could provide critical information.

As the site reports, there is some question as to whether or not the Prius (which was in front of Kim Howe's Lexus and Bruce's Escalade) was stopping at a red light or if she had stopped on the road for some unknown reason. It is still not clear what that vehicle's role, if any, was in the accident.

If detectives are able to track down the witnesses in the video, they could help them piece the puzzle together.

The cause of the accident is obviously still under investigation and Bruce has been extremely cooperative with law enforcement, submitting to a voluntary field sobriety test on the scene and volunteering to have his blood drawn for blood alcohol testing. He has also offered up his cell phone records as evidence that he was not texting. Media outlets are reporting that the other surviving drivers in the crash have been cooperative as well.

Our hearts are with everyone involved in this terrible tragedy, especially the victim and her family.
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