Anna Kendrick: Naked Selfies Are Fine, But Please Clean Your Room

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Anna Kendrick figured out what's wrong with everyone's nude selfies and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the nudity OR the selfies.

During an appearance on Conan, the late night host asked her what she thought about young people taking naked selfies and Anna had the perfect response.

"Hey...listen, naked selfie your life away, go do your thing, but clean your room!" she joked. Yes! Thank you, Anna!

Don't worry, she totally gets that guys are looking at the naked girl and not her messy room, but we can all agree that a naked girl in a clean room is way hotter than a naked girl in a messy room.

"If I were a guy, I would be seeking out the neat freaks and asking them for naked selfies," she explains. "You went through all the trouble to strike the pose and do the thing...make your bed!"

That totally reminds us of all of those selfie fails where the person is like on the toilet and you can see their legs or other massive libido-busters in the background.

For what it's worth - clean room or not - naked pictures are always subject to being hacked and while everyone seeing how super clean your room is would be great, having everyone see you naked is not.
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