Charli XCX Fangirls for One Direction, Even Had a 1D Birthday Cake

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Directioners, you can all put down the pitchforks. As it turns out, Charli XCX fangirls for 1D, too.

The British singer caused quite the controversy recently when she was quoted in Q Magazine as dissing Simon Cowell's Syco Entertainment and, by extension, the label's marquee acts like One Direction.

To refresh your memory, Charli said she'd love to run a company as successful as Simon's, "but from the point of view of making music that's not s**t." Burn! She went on to say that she hated (her word, not ours) pop music and couldn't see herself making it. "I just didn't want to think about it I wanted to be free."

We're confused. Aren't "Boom Clap" and "Fancy" considered pop? Anyway, it's all water under the bridge because Charli just clarified her much-buzzed-about statements to Aussie radio show Angus & Ash.

"I was talking about Simon Cowell and how much I'm a fan of him and his empire," Charli explained. "I said that I'd love to be in his position, but I'd probably make different music. I didn't name anyone!"

And because she didn't want any more trouble from one of the fiercest fandoms around, Charli put the 1D diss to bed once and for all: "I am really into One Direction, my dad got me a 1D cake for my birthday. This is people taking my comments out of context. I don't hate One Direction at all. That's not what I said."

Smart girl!

Not that we don't believe Charli's cute story, but we're going to need her to post pics of that sweet birthday gift from Dad on the gram...because if there's anything we love as much as the boys, it's cake.

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