Who Do Kevin and Danielle Jonas Trust More With Baby Alena - Joe or Nick?

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It's safe to say that Kevin and Danielle Jonas pretty much had the best Valentine's Day present ever last year. Their beautiful baby girl Alena Rose was born just a couple weeks shy of the love-filled holiday.

While the new parents understandably spent V-Day 2014 indoors doting over their little bundle of joy, it sounds like our favorite couple is now ready to celebrate their romance outside of the house.

"I realized that we have yet to go away together since, like, the last year," Kevin told E! News at the Dreft Amazing Baby Days app launch. "But we're actually going to be going to the Hollywood Domino event that I hosted last year with [Artists for Peace]. I'm going to bring my teammate along with me this time."

So who's going to watch Alena? We'd love to be first in line. She is too cute! But most likely, it'd be a relative, so E! asked them who they trusted more to babysit their daughter: Uncle Joe or Uncle Nick?

Kev answered, "They can do it together." Aw. Such a good older brother!

"Maybe that's a good idea," said Danielle, who seemed like she was having a tough time deciding. "I thought maybe Nick. Joe can be like playing and playing and then all of a sudden - he's like [Kevin] - he goes off and does his own thing. It's like, 'Oh wait, there's a baby over there. Did you remember that?'"

Well, they better brush up on their babysitting skills because baby No. 2 might be on the horizon.

"We've talked about it," Kev said. "She's got baby brain, it's crazy. She was holding one the other day and she gave me that look." Danielle added: "When the craziness calms down a little bit more."

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