This Throwback Video of Katy Perry Crowd-Surfing in 2008 Is a Beautiful Disaster

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We love Katy Perry so much, it's hard to put it into words. Fortunately for videos like this, we don't really NEED to explain it. Katy just proves why she's one of the coolest people to ever exist.

In this throwback video from 2008 that randomly resurfaced on YouTube, Katy decides to crowd surf during a 3OH!3 performance and we love her for it. Obviously, she could never do that sort of thing now because she's too much of a megastar and people would absolutely lose their s**t, but she was able to do it in 2008 and she did.

Even now, people are leaving terribly inappropriate comments on the video and it got to the point where the person who uploaded it had to update the "about" section to clarify that he doesn't condone those unfortunate comments. Sad that it even had to be said, but mad props to this guy for sticking up for her.

Anyway, back to the typical crowd-surfing fashion, things get weird. Katy gets turned upside-down, then she seems to accidentally end up in some sort of strange yoga pose and it's very hard to make heads or tails or any of it.

Could you imagine if Katy had tried to crowd surf during her Super Bowl performance? Or maybe if left shark did it in her place...that would have been awesome, too!
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