Jenelle Evans Gearing Up for Custody Battle Over Her Oldest Son

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Jenelle Evans has been talking about seeking custody of her son Jace for quite awhile now. In 2011, Jenelle gave her mom, Barbara, temporary custody of Jace, admitting that she wasn't even able to take care of herself at that point, so she couldn't possibly care for Jace the way she needed to.

Obviously, a lot has changed since then and Jenelle seems not only to have cleaned up her life, she seems more stable and has since had another son that she is caring for. On previous episodes of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle and Barbara talked about when the right time would be for Barbara to return custody of Jace and it looks like that time has finally arrived - at least Jenelle thinks so.

According to a new report by RadarOnline, Jenelle recently filed paperwork seeking full custody of Jace. Apparently, she was given an extra push when she found out Jace was calling Barbara "mom."

"Barbara told Jace that he can call her 'Mom,'" a source tells the site. "And then Jenelle asked Jace if [it was true] and he said, 'Yes.' That made Jenelle furious."

We had seen Jenelle and Barbara both actively engaged in the discussions about custody of Jace before, but it sounds like Jenelle did this on her own and Barbara is not happy about it.

"Barbara's excuses keep changing," the source said, after explaining that Barbara is now restricting Jenelle's access to her son. "When Jenelle asked last week why she couldn't see Jace, Barbara said, 'Well, you're taking me to court, aren't you? Alright then, you aren't seeing Jace' - then she hung up on Jenelle."

Jenelle and her mom had been getting along so much better lately, we really hope they're able to resolve this in whatever way is best for Jace and hopefully can avoid any hurt feelings in the process.
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