Jude Law's Son Dissed One Direction? The Reason Will Annoy You

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Rafferty Law, actor Jude Law's 18-year-old son, reportedly dissed our boys. What's worse is that the celeb spawn, who apparently doesn't like to smile in pics (OK, badass), is working off of misinformation.

Some smaller sites are alleging Rafferty recently spewed this hate nugget to British newspaper The Mail: "One Direction, I don't care what they've f**king done. Those guys don't even write their own music."

We just couldn't let this diss slide - true or not.

Excuse the pun, but there's no law saying everyone has to like One Direction. He can choose to listen and not listen to whichever artists he wants. But he should at least respect 1D's accomplishments, which he so rudely stated he does not - expletive and all. Plus, it seems the basis for his dislike for the band is that they don't write their songs. Maybe they didn't compose their own material in the beginning of their careers, which is the case for many acts, but we all know they do now, and for a heck of a lot of other artists, too!

Who knows? Maybe Rafferty is just trying to drum up some publicity for himself. He's apparently attempting to launch a music career by fronting a new band that is ironically called the Dirty Harrys.

Good luck with that.

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