Leah Calvert's Daughters' Cheerleading Photos Spark Online Debate

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Leah Calvert's daughters Ali and Aleeah Simms started cheerleading awhile ago and it seems like they're really loving it. Leah has posted a bunch of pics from their competitions and the girls look like they're having an absolute blast.

Fans obviously loved seeing the photos and were even happier to see that the girls are both doing so well. Photos from a recent competition, however, have sparked some online debate.

In the pics, the girls are wearing outfits that aren't exactly modest, but aren't really any more revealing than a two-piece swimsuit. Leah's Facebook page had fans on each side of the discussion about whether or not they should be wearing clothes like that at their age.

"Why are they dressed so scantily?" one person asked. "They shouldn't be half naked imo but still pretty girls," another chimed in. "If only girls stayed young and innocent for longer. Hate makeup and no cloths [sic] on little girls it's just unnecessary," someone else said. "What's the difference between that and a bathing suit not much and its a cheerleading competition not like she dresses them like that every day," another fan commented, in Leah's defense.

One thing we appreciated as we read through the comments was that most of Leah's fans were respectful of each other. We didn't see insults or name-calling and those who were involved in the wardrobe discussion were more just sharing their thoughts on whether or not they thought girls that age should be wearing those outfits.

More important than the outfits or the makeup or even who won or lost at that competition is the fact that Leah's daughter Ali, who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy, is doing so amazingly well that she's even able to go to events like this and participate. After doctors said she could possibly be confined to a wheelchair, the fact that she's participating in cheerleading is nothing short of incredible.
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