Iggy Azalea Taking a Break From Social Media: "It Is Too Negative and Draining"

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Iggy Azalea has enjoyed the fact that Twitter allows for her to jump on there and set the record straight about whatever rumors are floating around out there, it gives her a place to rant if she wants and it gives her a place to basically say whatever she wants to say.

Unfortunately, it gives everyone a place to say whatever they want to say and some people abuse the privilege by writing shockingly mean and hurtful things about people - and if they really want to make sure the person's feelings get hurt, they'll go ahead and @ them.

Iggy enjoyed a beautiful Valentine's Day vacation in Hawaii with boyfriend Nick Young and when she got home and signed on to Twitter, she quickly learned that not only had paparazzi pics of her in a bikini had surfaced, but people were writing awful things about her.

On Thursday night, Iggy took to Twitter to lament the way social media is making her feel and say that she's signing off for awhile.

Here's what she had to say. We think every word is worth reading, so we're including her full message:

She concluded with, "The internet is the ugliest reflection of mankind there is," and since we've seen that side of it, too, especially with all of the cyberbullying that is happening now, we totally understand why she wants to step away for awhile.

We're going to miss her on Twitter, though. Sad that a few people had to ruin it for her other 4.3 million fans, but she's gotta do what's best for her and we applaud her for being strong enough to step away when she realized it was affecting her so negatively.
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