Kelly Clarkson: Nobody Will Collaborate With Me

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What the heck, everyone? Kelly Clarkson is a platinum-selling artist, she's won Grammy awards and she's a vocal powerhouse, we would think anybody would be thrilled to collaborate with her, but Kelly says that's not the case.

"I honestly would collaborate with a lot of people, but everyone usually says no," she revealed on BBC Radio 1. "I'm not kidding you. I have legitimately asked several people that I'm not going to call out, and that's cool, but I don't know."

Please call them out! We want to know so bad. Who said no to Kelly?!

"I have asked several people. Sometimes I feel like I have the plague, or leprosy, they're like, 'If you get too close...' I don't know," she explains.

She does say that she asks good people because "I don't want to sing with crap people," but that's fair enough. She is on that 'good people' level so it's not like she's really reaching.

We can't imagine why anybody would say no to Kelly, but whatever...that's their loss!

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