Why Does Ashton Kutcher Own a Prosthetic Penis?

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When Ashton Kutcher joined Two and a Half Men after Charlie Sheen's departure, the transition seemed pretty seamless. He and Jon Cryer played perfectly off of each other and they seem to have even struck up a friendship.

At what point did Jon know he and Ashton were going to get along great? "There was a very clear moment," he tells Conan O'Brien. "In the very first episode that Ashton was in, there was a point at which he was supposed to drop trou and be completely naked in front of me and we didn't know how to do that in front of the live studio audience without him actually being naked, because the whole point was supposed to shock people."

"Everybody was trying, people were working this over in the writers' room, and then Ashton pipes in, 'Oh, I've got a huge prosthetic penis in my trailer!' We all had that awkward moment of...'Of course you do!'"

And Ashton doesn't mess around when it comes to his prosthetic penis. He made sure Jon noted that it had a "full mid-section" and Jon added that it was "impressive," at which point Ashton took total credit joking "they only had one guy that was willing to be the mold." Great to know, thanks Ashton!

"You too can have one made," Ashton told Conan, although we assume he is not offering to model for that mold.

All right, now to the important thing. Why the hell does Ashton have a prosthetic penis in the first place?

"I had these web shorts that I did for my company and we were producing these various web shorts, like hidden camera things. One of the things that we did was this sketch called 'Naked Man,'" he explains. "We had this guy and we had him put on this prosthetic unit, and we sent him to interesting places while wearing a prosthetic unit...and then I was just like 'who knows when you're gonna need a prosthetic penis? So I kept it...'"

Fair enough. Still weird, but at least he has a valid explanation.

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