Will Smith Probably Embarrassed Daughter Willow With This Interview

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When it comes to the Smith house, it's apparently all about Willow.

During a recent appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman, Will Smith gave the lowdown on who gets all the attention in his home (and a few more embarrassing facts). "We have teenagers in the house so it's very difficult," the Focus star told David Letterman with a laugh. "Ninety percent of the focus is Willow."

"A 14-year-old girl takes all of the attention," he continued. "It's like the world ends three times a week. It's like 14-year-old girl Independence Day at my house every week." The last episode of teen angst went down when Will accidentally left a door open and Willow couldn't find one of her cats (which "she loves").

"We live out in the booneys...it's a bad look for cats in my neighborhood. There's coyotes and stuff out there. They're not gonna make it [if they roam freely]," he added with a laugh.

"So, she was very upset and she looked at me and tears welled up in her eyes, and she said 'I cannot believe you would be that irresponsible,'" Will recalled, laughing again. "There's nothing that destroys the heart of a middle-aged man like a disdainful sneer of a 14-year-old girl."

So, Will did the only thing he could do...he called his wife Jada for advice on what to do next. The only problem was Willow caught him. "The least you could do is look!," she yelled at him with a pout, Will said. As it turned out, the cat was in the house the whole time.

The cat aside, Will also said dished on whether Willow dates, saying he hasn't made that an option for her right now. If having your dad talk about your meltdowns and nonexistent dating life isn't embarrassing enough, Will also revealed a time that an online TV show once made Willow cry.

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"Willow had one moment," he told Esquire recently. "The Young Turks are Willow's idol. They have a TV show online. They're like a really powerful group of young writers, hosts, and political commentators. Willow loves the Young Turks, and that was the only moment I saw her cry."

Although Willow hasn't commented on either interview on social media, we can only imagine that this was her face when she caught wind of both.:

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