'Getting to Know Farrah' Sneak Peek: Mama Drama

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On Saturday, February 21 MTV is going to air "Getting to Know" specials for each of the four original Teen Mom girls so we can catch up on their storylines.

One of the things they're doing is having the girls and their families watch old clips from the show and in this one from Farrah Abraham's 16 and Pregnant episode, it seems that bringing back old memories stirred up A LOT of emotion for Farrah.

In the clip, she and her mom are arguing about a car that Farrah wants and at first, Farrah as she's watching the clip sounds like it's the past and she's able to joke about it. "I'm just looking at you right now and I'm like 'this is a hillbilly out of control right now,'" she says to her mom.

But by the time the argument ends, Farrah is furious all over again, about an argument that happened five years ago. "Look at this s**t...look at this s**t that I grew up with....I feel like beating the s**t out of you just watching that," she angrily declares.

Wow, we totally understand being anger, but we can NOT believe we just heard her say that to her mother. Good thing the producers were there to sort of help mediate the situation, especially because Farrah seemed to be getting along a lot better with her mom lately. This unfortunately might make them take a huge step back in their relationship.
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