Inside the $160,000 Oscars Gift Bag: Vibrators, Vacations and More!

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Win or lose, Emma Stone, Keira Knightley and Bradley Cooper will walk away with vibrators in their Oscars gift bags...and a ton of major swag.

This year's "Everyone Wins at the Oscars Nominee Gift Bag," gifted to nominees in the Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress and Best Director categories, features over $160,000 worth of gifts including $20,000 worth of free Audi car rentals, a luxury "glamping" experience, and a few racy items like a high-tech vibrator, condoms and an orgasm booster shot.

As for how those last three items made it in the coveted bag, Lash Fary, founder of Distinctive Assets, told us, "I don't really find them surprising or shocking. I truly believe sex and pleasure should be a part of our everyday lives. And because these Oscar nominees can't visit the Pleasure Chest (a local sex toy shop) like you or I without ending up photographed by paparazzi, we simply make access easy for them right from the privacy of their own home."

If $160,000 worth of gifts, sounds like a actually is. The value of this year's bag is record breaking, thousands more than gift bags from previous years.

We got the chance to take a look at the other fab gifts stars like Reese Witherspoon and more will be getting in their bags. Here's a breakdown of the swag.:

Most expensive items:

Free Audi rentals for a year.: A year's worth of Silvercar Audi rentals, which feature dash GPS, Sirius radio and wi-fi.: $20,000

Mind control and dream analysis: A gift certificate for the founder of Enigma Life, Olessia Kantor, to fly out and meet with nominees to discuss their 2015 horoscope, analyze their dreams and teach them mind control techniques.: $20,000

Custom furniture: Ef+Facto is providing an exclusive and unique piece of custom-designed furniture by architect Elena Foccoli.: $25,000

Complete Lifestyle Makeover: Reset Yourself is gifting nominees with things like a kitchen/pantry detox, an organic cooking master chef, supplements and a cleanse. : $14,239.00

Luxury Train Trip: Rocky Mountaineer is giving nominees a luxury rail journey through the Canadian Rockies.: $14,584

Ventura Lipo-Light: A gift certificate for a non-invasive L.E.D. light technology procedure that can help stars lose 3-9 inches in as little as three weeks.: $4,068

Sexy swag:

The Couples Love Shot: Two "lovers" can have either an O-Shot (orgasm shot), LEO (laser enhanced O Shot) or Priapus shot ($5,000).

Afterglow Pulsewave Vibrator: the world's only adult toy that utilizes low level laser therapy proven to enhance arousal. ($250).

Naked Luxury Condoms: Supposedly, this is "the world's only luxury condom" and "the most pleasurable condom in the world." ($56, two packs)
Luxe Excursions:

Luxury camping experience from Terravelo tours : "When I say camping, it's really 'glamping,'" Lash told us. "You're in a luxury tent, you're sleeping on luxury mattresses, you've got a private chef cooking for you, hot air ballooning, biking...we didn't want them to have to bring their own bike so we threw in a $1200 bike.": ($12,500)

Vacay in Tuscany: Villa Armena is giving nominees 3 complimentary nights in a suite ($1,500).

Luxe sea salt tour on the French Rivera: In addition to receiving La Baleine natural Meditrerranean sea salts, nominees traveling to France in the future can enjoy a VIP tour of the salt harvesting preserve with nine of their friends, along with a private lunch on the salt marsh prepared by a top French chef and spend the rest of the day on a private Mediterranean beach. : $1,500

More Mentionables:

Everything from Halo Natural Pet Food to a skincare Dermawand are featured in the bag. Other things worth mentioning are JNL Clothing's "Strong is the new Skinny!" tank tops, a gift certificate for Candy Vixen's custom candy and dessert buffet, 10 personal training sessions with celebrity trainer Alexis Seletzky, and a customizable collection of spa amenities for the shower from Steamist.


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