This Star Pretty Much Hates Living Next Door to Taylor Swift

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You can pretty much kiss those Taylor Swift and Orlando Bloom dating rumors goodbye. The actor is officially moving out of the apartment building he shares with T-Swift in New York City.

According to new reports, Orlando is so over living next to Taylor. It's not because of her cats, or because she's a stalker or anything, but because the paparazzi are always there. Ain't no one got time for that...

It's only been six months, and the actor is already putting his place up for sale. Maybe he needed the funds? Doubt it.

All of this is kind of funny because there was talk last year that Taylor and Orlando were a thing. Her buddy Ed Sheeran also let it spill that he's the famous person he'd like to hook Tay up with...

Just a few days ago, a Taylor fan posted several notes on her apartment building in the BIg Apple. Maybe that was another turn off for Orlando? It IS kind of creepy.

One thing is for sure, he didn't have to worry about his enemy Justin Bieber stopping by to visit that pad. We all know T-Swift isn't really a Belieber.

Surprised Orlando is moving because of Taylor? Maybe her next neighbor will be Harry Styles? Now that would be epic.

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