YouTube Beauty Guru Shares Cheap and Easy Way to Mask Dark Under Eye Circles

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YouTube beauty guru Deepica Mutyala just figured out a DIY way to mask dark circles without spending hundreds of dollars on creams, concealers or anything in that category. The best part is that it's not only affordable, you probably already have all the tools you need.

"If there is one takeaway I want you guys to get from this video is that you do NOT need to go buy additional products to mask dark under eye circles or dark spots on your face," she explains. "You can use products you already have from the comfort of your own home. I'm sure you have a red lipstick."

So, what DO you need? A makeup brush and some lipstick. Yes, lipstick as in red or orange or whatever color you have. That's it.

You take the lipstick and you go all around your eyes...if it looks "insane," as Deepica joked that hers did, you're on the right track!

After that, you just grab your concealer and start covering up the red mess you just made all around your eyes - trust us, you didn't do the lipstick for nothing - there is a method to her madness!

When you're done with the concealer, your eye area should be nice and bright and you just do your normal makeup routine. The best part is that Deepica explains that the trick works for dark under eye circles as well as dark spots on your face.

The video has only been on YouTube since January and it already has almost 4 million views. Why? Because it's brilliant!

For more of Deepica's awesome beauty tips and tricks, check out her YouTube channel.
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