Why Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Ran From Police at the Grammys

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Who knew Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are such bad asses? The two singer BFFs apparently had a run-in with the law on Grammys night, and none of us never knew about it.

During their recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Taylor totally revealed that she and Ed had the cops called on them a few weeks ago when they were Grammy Awards party-hopping. The epic moment went down when they attended Mark Ronson's party.

"We were at a party in Mark Ronson's room and then the police shut it down, they shut it down like Ke$ha," Ed said referring to Ke$ha's song, "Tik Tok".

Taylor added, "That made us feel so cool. We had to hide in a bathroom. I grabbed Ed and I was like, 'Cops are here. Come with me.'"

Luckily they escaped without getting in trouble. But, because that party got busted, they decided to get their drink on else where. They eventually made their way over to Sam Smith's Grammy celebration where things almost got more out of control.

"We spent 10 minutes hugging koala bears," Taylor said. "I woke up with an email from The Weeknd and he was like, 'You told me how beautiful I was for about 15 minutes straight and started petting my hair.' It looked really cool that night and I apparently went on and on about it. I was like 'you're so magnificent.'"

Wow, at least we aren't the only ones who have weird nights out with our friends. We bet they woke up with a super hangover the next morning. At least they have awesome stories to tell, right? YOLO!

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