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The Real Meaning Behind the Blue-Black Dress That Took Over the Internet

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If you are like me, you woke up from your afternoon nap yesterday, logged on to whatever social media website you have, and thought to yourself, "What the...?" The entire world took to the internet yesterday to protest, in earnest, whether a dress was either black and blue or white and gold. That's right. You didn't read this wrong. The world decidedly went crazy.....and it was all because of a dress.

Naturally, you, like me, immediately began to ask yourself the key questions. "Where did this dress come from?" "Who would even wear a dress like that?" "Why on earth does anyone, let alone everyone, care what THE COLOR OF A DRESS IS?" And I'll admit it. I was one of the many who immediately went into judgement. Shaking my head at the "sad state of society" as I looked through meme after "dress" meme, I convinced myself that this generation was pathetic, simple-minded, and had nothing better to do with its time than to comment on the color of a dress. I couldn't understand why something so simple could bring more controversy and conversation than say...the end of world hunger or sex slavery.

Then, I actually took the time to listen.

The point of the dress, according to many articles (including CNN), is not to figure out what color it is and write something clever and snarky to your friends on Twitter. Nor is it to prove that you are right and everyone around you is just colorblind and didn't know it. It's not about #teamblackandblue vs. #teamwhiteandgold. Or right vs wrong. Or good vs. bad. Or ugly vs. pretty. It's about us. ALL of us.

We are unique. We, as human beings, are bonafide original works of art. We experience life differently, and that shapes who we are today. Our eyes filter light and darkness differently. We see the world differently. We interpret the world differently. And we learn, as we grow in society, to appreciate those differences. Because working together with those differences, that is the very definition of beautiful. A perfect example of this is what happened earlier this week in the controversy between Zendaya and Giuliana Rancic. Society learned a lesson. Hate, or even distasteful words in the heat of a "funny" moment in which differences are slighted or put down instead of celebrated, should not be tolerated. EVER. And it wasn't. So, in my book, that means that we, as a society, are getting somewhere.

Yes, we still aren't perfect. Yes, there are some things have happened in government, in entertainment, in my local community that I am not proud of and that need to change. I will continue to fight and work toward these changes. Yes, there are things that we will all need to learn from as the years continue on. But we are learning. We are appreciating the incredible way that God made each one of us, and I, for one, am thankful that we are. So, if you are already sick of "this dress," don't be. Smile and be happy at the fact that we are actually recognizing the beauty of our individual perspective. Our individual way of seeing the world. Because that, my friends, is the real point of the dress.
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